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We listen to our customers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help. We ask new customers to take before and after photos of your visible conditions such as arthritis, and swollen joints. We wish to share them with others as proof of how well Miracle Tincture works on pain and  diseases. 

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"I thank God every day that he put me in contact with you. I cannot express enough to you how much better I feel now. It's like I've been given my life back after 35 years of miserable pain." Rachel

"It works well, no more Oxycontin at night, YA!" Rod

""I used this and felt no pain instantly! Everyone I know who tried some felt the same way!" Heidi

"I've been using Miracle Tincture for a good 6 months or so. I have arthritis and a knee replacement that is still causing a lot of pain. As soon as I spray the Tincture on my knee, instant relief. Love,love,love this stuff." Linda

"I have always had arthritis and as I aged my hands got real bad. I'm a housekeeper by trade so my hands have got to be in good shape. ...I was introduced to the Tincture and I use it daily. It was practically instantaneous that I could tell the relief in my hands. My knuckle used to be huge...they're better than they used to be. I used it all of the time on my hands, my knees, my elbows. I also get terrible cramping in the calves of my legs. I use it for that also. This product has saved me from so much pain." Maurine

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Q: Is this a CBD based product? 

A: No. Miracle Tincture is a terpene based product with no THC. 

Q: Is Miracle Tincture safe to use? 

A: Yes. It has no harmful side effects and can be used as often as is needed for your pain and diseases. 

Q: How long does Miracle Tincture last after being applied?

A: That depends on many factors. The relief can last for hours and sometimes longer than a day. 

Q: How often should I use Miracle Tincture to prevent disease or control pain?

A: Cannabis is a vital nutrient with many elements required by the body including terpenes. We recommend daily use just like any other nutrients such as vitamins. Daily use ensures that your pain and disease will stay under control and it will prevent other diseases from forming. 

Q: Can I use Miracle Tincture on my pets?

A: Yes. Miracle Tincture has been used on dogs, cats, and even a snake to heal them. Don't apply Tincture to an open wound, has some alcohol and will sting. It will heal the same problems on your pet as it does on humans including cancer below the skin.  

Q: Does Miracle Tincture react with any prescription medications?

A: In three years of trials we have seen no instances of any negative reactions to prescription medications. In some cases Miracle Tincture actually reduces the need for medications such as pain medications.